Meet the members of our wonderful staff in our office:

Here are some of our own #WhyILovePhilly quotes:

  • “I love the culture and diversity of Philly.  It’s many eclectic neighborhoods, fooderies, events and religious freedoms.” – Jazelle Jones
  • “What I love about Philadelphia, is the treasured and unique places that I have stumbled upon along my travels though this great city and call me biased but all the GREAT events that the City put on and host.” – Mechelle Sabb
  • “I love how Philly is constantly adding new restaurants of all different cuisines and dietary needs. Everybody can enjoy what they want when you go out!” – Natalie Faragalli
  • “There’s no place else quite like Philadelphia. No where that I’ve been (and trust me, I travel a lot) is there a city as diverse and close-knit as Philadelphia.” – Olivia Gillison