Office of Special Events Applications
2018 Special Event Application
Insurance Waiver Affidavit (Demonstrations)

Parks & Recreation Applications
2018 Parks & Recreation Special Event Application –
Annex 1B

2018 Parks & Recreation Bus Permit Application
2018 Parks & Recreation Recreation and Athletic Permit Application
2018 Parks & Recreation Media Application
2018 Parks & Recreations Picnic Application
2018 Parks & Recreation Wedding and Photo Application

Health Department Applications
Health Department Permanent Special Event Vendor Guide
Health Department Special Event Sponsor Application –
Annex 1C

Health Department Special Event Permanent Vendor Application – Annex 1D
Health Department Special Event Temporary Vendor Application
Health Department Outdoor Public Serving Food Safety Permit

Streets Department Applications
Festival Street Closure Application – Annex 1A
Block Party Application and Petition
Equipment Placement Application (Street or Sidewalk)
Banner Permit Application

Department of Licenses and Inspections Applications
Amusement – Carnival Application
Hand Bill Distribution License
Temporary Tent Permit – Annex 1E

Philadelphia Fire Department Applications
Philadelphia Fire Dept. EMS Special Event Application

Zero Waste Event Information
Zero Waste Event Brochure
Zero Waste Event – Hauler Options
Zero Waste Event – Calculator Tool

Permit Policy for Demonstrations
Vendor List