Final Results: The Parkway Usage Study

The City of Philadelphia – Office of The Managing Director and the Parkway Council Foundation present the findings of the study done to examine the use of Benjamin Franklin Parkway as a venue for major events. Below is an excerpt from the Executive Summary. To read the entire study and reference the appendix, please click here.

“The Parkway Council Foundation and the Managing Director’s Office of the City of Philadelphia initiated this study as a collaborative effort to reflect on the historical use of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (Parkway) as a venue for major events and to consider models for appropriate decision-making on uses of the Parkway.

This study is intended to provide context for decision-making on special event uses of the Parkway, providing an objective tool (Scorecard) to weigh various factors drawn from the input of residents, visitors and City and private stakeholders. Additional considerations were drawn from and informed by examining special events practices in nine cities across the country and permitting and licensing practices of the National Park Service. The intent of this study to represent input from residents, businesses and community stakeholders, and provide an analysis of uses and a set of recommendations to accompany the Scorecard, drawn from conclusions of the input and research. It was not to comment on specific past events or specific current events on the Parkway. Recommendations emerging from this study are in response to the experiences of visitors to the Parkway and residents and institutions on and adjacent to the Parkway.”

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