Road Closures and Parking Information for Villanova University Men’s Basketball NCAA Championship Celebration


The City of Philadelphia will celebrate Villanova University’s 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship on Thursday, April 5th, 2018 with a parade on Market Street starting at 11AM and a rally on Dilworth Park.

To ensure the safety of participants and the public, road closures and parking restrictions will be implemented in the vicinity of the event.

Delays can be expected during the course of the event. Motorists are advised to avoid the area by using alternate routes, and allow for extra driving time in areas near the event. Please refrain from double-parking, which creates congestion, limits traffic flow and is illegal.

Media Information

For all media inquiries relating to the Villanova Championship Parade in Philadelphia, please contact Jon Gust, Director of Media Relations at Villanova University, at 484-612-2652 and/or Mike Sheridan, Director of Media Relations for Villanova Athletics, at 610-999-7558.

Road Closures

Parade elements will assemble on 2000-2900 Market Street beginning at 9:30AM. The parade will commence at 11:00AM. The parade will start at 20th & Market Streets and proceed eastbound on Market Street to 15th Street, southbound on 15th Street to South Penn Square, eastbound on South Penn Square, terminating on South Penn Square west of Broad Street. The rally portion of the event will commence at 11:45AM, and the event is scheduled to conclude at 12:30PM.

The following streets will be closed starting at 9:30AM until approximately 12:00PM on Thursday, April 5th:

– 2000-2900 Market Street
Cross traffic will not be permitted during this timeframe

The following streets will be closed starting at 10:00AM until approximately 1:00PM on Thursday, April 5th:

– 1600-1900 Market Street
– 16th Street from JFK Blvd. to Chestnut Street
– 17th Street from JFK Blvd. to Chestnut Street
– 18th Street from JFK Blvd. to Chestnut Street
– 19th Street from JFK Blvd. to Chestnut Street
– 20th Street from JFK Blvd. to Chestnut Street

The following streets will be closed starting at 10:00AM until approximately 3:00PM on Thursday, April 5th:

– 1500 Market Street
– 15th Street from Race Street to Chestnut Street
– S. Penn Square from 15th Street to Broad Street

All affected streets will be serviced and reopened as the march progresses. Additional closures and lane restrictions may be necessary in the interest of public safety. Motorists are advised to use caution and obey instructions of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Parking Restrictions

The following streets will be posted as “Temporary No Parking” zones from 6:00AM-4:00PM on Thursday, April 5th:

– 1400 JFK Blvd. (South Side)
– 1500-1600 JFK Blvd. (Both Sides)
– 1700 JFK Blvd. (North Side)
– 1500-2900 Market Street (Both Sides)
– 15th Street from Chestnut Street to Arch Street (Both Sides)
– S. Penn Square from 15th Street to Broad Street (South Side)

Please obey all “Temporary No Parking” signs. Vehicles parked in these locations during posted hours will be relocated.

Public Transportation

Due to related street closures, SEPTA Bus Routes will be detoured from their normal routes through the area beginning at 9:00AM on Thursday, April 5th through approximately 3:00PM. Detours will be posted and specific route changes will be made available on the System Status Page at

Stairs and elevators to Dilworth Park from the underground concourse will be closed on Thursday, April 5th beginning at 9:00AM and reopened as conditions allow.

Public Safety Information

Leave no bags or items unattended. In an emergency or to report a suspicious person, activity or item (a backpack, a package, a container), notify a police officer immediately or call 9-1-1. Do not try to open, move, cover or touch a suspicious item.

The public should expect congestion in the area. If you are attending the event, make a plan regarding driving, public transit, parking, and supervision of children. It is recommended that attendees wear comfortable, weather-appropriate attire.

All locations referenced above and the surrounding area is designated as a “No-Drone Zone”. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and drones of any kind are not permitted.

For tips and general information about being prepared and ready at special events, read the Special Event Safety Guide before you attend. Visit:


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